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Elihu Ropes' Investment in the City and the
Financial Panic of 1893

The busy years surrounding the completion of the Tex-Mex Railroad, the founding of the Caller Publishing Co., and the first bridge built across Nueces Bay in 1886, also welcomed the arrival of Elihu Ropes. Setting foot in Corpus Christi in 1889, Ropes found a community in transition and made a powerful impact on the city in a scant four years. His investment in the city is evidenced by the doubling of the population in two years, from 4,387 to 8,600. Once again, timing turned “Rope's Boom” into a bust, as the Financial Panic of 1893 hit the nation in the early 1890's. Bankrupt investors blamed Ropes for their losses. He left town to “get more money” and never returned.

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Elihu Ropes
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