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The Building of a City | 1867-1919

Following the devastation and destruction of the Civil War, Corpus Christi focused its resources on establishing links with the rest of the nation. Emerging relatively untouched by the ravages of the war, the city was well positioned to build the foundations for growth as a diverse coastal community, but these times were not without challenges. With the connections made to the rest of the country, Corpus became inextricably linked with the country's fate.

William DeRyee
Perry Doddridge and the Founding
of the First Bank in Corpus Christi
Entrepreneur Uriah Lott and the
Construction of the Tex-Mex Railroad
Solomon Coles and the First School
for Black Children in South Texas
Eli Merriman and the Founding of the
Caller Publishing Co.
Elihu Ropes' Investment in the City
and the Financial Panic of 1893
Dr. Arthur E. Spohn and the
Building of Spohn Sanitarium
Roy Miller and the Bringing of the City
into the Twentieth Century
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