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Envisioning Education & Culture | 1961-2010

From the 1960s to today, Corpus Christi has experienced massive growth. The Sixties were marked by the opening of the JFK Causeway, the Airport, the Army Depot and the Bayfront Arts & Sciences Park. Led by Hurricane Celia, the Seventies saw continued rebuilding and recovery efforts, the oil boom and the opening of the Corpus Christi State School. The Eighties and Nineties defined themselves as the city pulled itself out of the doldrums of a poor economy, expanding arts and education. The Texas State Aquarium and the Mary Rhodes Memorial Pipeline opened and the first bond package was passed. From 2000 to today, the city has experienced recognition as an All American City, the opening of Whataburger Field, wireless technology, the opening of the Packery Channel and the redevelopment of Naval Station Ingleside.

Hayden Head, Sr. and the growth of a municipal airport
to an international airport
Jim Rhodes and the Opening of
the Corpus Christi Army Depot
Edwin Singer and the Bayfront Arts & Sciences Park
Hurricane Celia, Mayor Jack R. Blackman and the Oil Boom
Cecil Burney and the
Corpus Christi State University
Luther Jones, Corpus Christi’s
First “Mayor Emeritus”
Selena Quintanilla
Mary Rhodes
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