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cctimeline | a project by Corpus Christi Leadership Class LCCXXXVIII

about the Chamber and Leadership Corpus Christi
about the timeline project

Leadership Corpus Christi Class XXXVIII was tasked with the project of constructing an educational and historical tool for the City of Corpus Christi and related stakeholders that documents the long line of community trustees who have demonstrated a commitment to the community of Corpus Christi. Education in community trusteeship focuses on people and decisions, rather than the triumphs and challenges comprising most historical timelines. Mark and Carol Scott developed the original Corpus Christi Timeline which served as the model for the final deliverables: a Timeline banner, fully interactive Web site and digital presentation.

The Specific Objectives of this project:

  • To learn the value of history
  • To examine the community's history with emphasis on its trustees, who contributed to the common good
  • To understand historical trends
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of trustees and their qualities over time, while assessing changing styles of leadership
  • To discover each individual's potential to be a community trustee by looking at their desired trusteeship
    qualities and clarifying their personal beliefs/values
  • To identify and select candidates for inclusion in the community trusteeship timeline at the points when each
    became involved in community service

The following groups are the key benefactors and stakeholders of the Trustee Project:

  • Citizens of Corpus Christi
  • Visitors and tourists to Corpus Christi
  • Future residents of Corpus Christi
  • Students K-12
  • University and college Students
  • Future leaders and trustee
LCCXXXVIII project team
LCCXXXVIII steering committee
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